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National logistics and distribution at controlled temperatures.
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Our goal is to become one of the leading national providers of temperature-controlled logistic solutions. To achieve this, we focus primarily on two essential elements: our clients and our team. Our knowledge and experience in the sector allow us to initiate all kinds of operations wherever required since, in addition to specialized resources, we have the best partners and a significant network of collaborators.


TRANSTIAR is composed of a team with extensive experience in the logistics sector, which clearly commits to relying on new technologies, sustainability of solutions, and continuing to develop its vocation of service and commitment to the customer.


Procedures, values, and attitudes are crucial to fulfilling our goal of offering effective and efficient supply chain solutions. At TRANSTIAR, we focus on possibilities rather than limitations.

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The group of professionals forming TRANTIAR, thanks to our experience, our knowledge of new technologies, our commitment to quality and the environment, and the means at our disposal, allow us to ensure demanding levels of efficiency, as well as a high level of service and productivity.


The comprehensive offer we propose from TRANSTIAR integrates the following concepts:

The human and material resources necessary to ensure the best service at all times.

Technological means to monitor vehicle activity, as well as the temperature of transported goods.

Adjustments in specific operations to achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings.

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